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Ebtisam Clinic is leading the field clinic in the development of better services; it is highly equipped with the latest equipment
Moreover; the doctors working in a field at a high level of competence and experience, has educated and trained in the best and most prestigious universities have been selected with great care and accuracy, in order to be always worthy of the confidence placed in our clinic, and to maintain excellent reputation, which alone in the field clinic in Kuwait.
A belief in the necessity of keeping pace with all what is new and innovated and based on its desire for an utmost amount of rest and wellbeing for its patients,Ebtisama Clinic, Kuwait's premier oral health services provider,
Our dental services include
Dental Implant
Porcelain Veneers
Oral Surgery
Root Canal Treatment
Cosmetic dentistry
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Welcome to Ebtisama Clinic
A smile is perhaps the least understood. A smile can gladden the heart of the wearer and the observer, often simultaneously. It can wish a good day or try to brighten a dark one. Ebtisama Clinic; we are in the business of smiles-new ones. When you entrust us with your smile. We take that commitment seriously.
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